Let It Out

I shouted today

Alone on the bridge,
coasting downhill at a clip

I wailed- lungs taut-
as loud as I could.

I smiled to myself and
called out again

Just trying to let it out.

Joy Ride

There is a movement building in Detroit, slowly building in power and purpose as it meanders through the streets of the city. It is not a protest or a new political party, it is not a tax break or a reality TV show, it is a bike ride. And though it has no manifesto, its purpose is clear: to bring people together through good old-fashioned fun.

Slow Roll is Detroit’s Monday night group bike ride in which thousands of pedalstrians come together to explore the city on a free bike ride. Throughout the route, riders share space with one another, explore new neighborhoods, and deepen their relationship with the city.

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fly bike2-500













Every time I ride, I fly.
Arms extended, hail the sky

With mind aloft I pedal though
I am a sail, but anchor too.

I make my peace here on the road,
Too free to fear, to far to fold.