Final Exam Trigger

photo-9When I was a freshman in college, there were the boys I met during the day and the boys I met at night. Often they were the same people altogether but in one case they saw me as a face and in the other as a body.

One day I walked onto the bus that would take me to North Campus when I heard someone chuckling loudly behind me. It was a very attractive guy who I had met at a party two nights before. He was laughing because he couldn’t believe that I was actually a student- he’d thought I was in high school- and that I was an engineer- as evidenced by my commute to North Campus. We started up a flirtation and dated briefly, but I don’t think he ever shook that initial impression of me as a dumb drunk party girl.

I was into the night scene as much as anybody but I was a virgin, and I needed my first time to be with someone I legitimately liked, even loved. So I waited.

Around sophomore year I started realizing that the best way to meet a romantic interest was in class. You would see each other frequently and get to know each other as people who exist in daylight- start as friends and build from there. Plus it’s a lot more fun to go to class every day if you have someone you look forward to seeing, it probably even helps your grades. Foolproof! But what if you start dating and it turns out you didn’t like each other? What if something awkward happens? You’d be faced with that shame every time you went to class, maybe you wouldn’t even go.

The plan was the Final Exam Trigger and the trick was the timing. The end of semester is the time for action. The risk of failure plummets when the threat of future confrontation is removed. Then, too, there is an additional excuse to spend time together: so much studying to do! Time to set up a study session, not in public but at his place or yours, preferably as close to the bed as possible so that the entire session is infused with insane sexual tension. Tell him that you had a dream about him the other night, assure him it wasn’t sexual, allow him to believe otherwise. Let him be pleasantly surprised that you can party with the best of them. When ultimately you get together, the results on your final grade may suffer, but damned if you didn’t just find someone to relieve you of your virginity.

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