If you saw God–
if it revealed itself to you
thru some miracle
or burst of light
some inner flame,
or burning bush,
some apparition
or death revoked–
you would carry it in you always.
You would know.

You would have the gift of certainty
but the burdon of responsibility.
For the rest of your life
you would carry it in your mind.
And though you would be far from perfect
each new wrong would be that much more sinful,
in the absence of convenient doubt.


The thing about truth and god and love is,
it is revealed to all of us,
it graces each life at least once.
But, once bestowed, it does not linger.
The witness must maintain the memory,
tending it constantly like a delicate flame.
Miracles are rarely long.


But after the light fades and the days blend together
would you be so bold
as to ask for a reminder?
Would you dare to say
“I was so young then,
and I’m not so sure any more”
and request yet another miracle
to revive the spirit?

Of course not.

One true miracle in life is as much as anyone can expect.
We must each hold onto it, and apply it like a lens
onto the other days and doubts.
It will have to last in between the certainty,
it might have to last all your life.


I have not seen God,
but I saw love once.
And often times I look back on it,
Was it all a dream?
What does it have to do with my life here today?
But, as one to whom the vision has been revealed,
I can never un-see
or unreel
or unknow.
And now, I can never settle for less than love
because it exists.
And it feels wonderful.

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