Left of East

Left of East is a series of adapted journal entries from my solo backpacking adventure across Northern Michigan. A journey of independence, exploration, recovery, healing, reconnecting and redefining.


Left of East- An Introduction

Lower Peninsula

Day 1-Sutton’s Bay to Traverse City
Day 3: Traverse City to Sand Lake
Day 4: Sand Lake to Log Lake
Day 6: Pickerel Lake to Landslide Lookout
Day 7: Landslide Lookout to Side of the tracks
Day 8: Side of the tracks to Petoskey State Park
Day 10: Petoskey to Crooked Lake
Day 11: Crooked Lake to Cross Village
Day 12: Cross Village to Wilderness State Park
Day 13: Wilderness State Park to Mackinaw City

Upper Peninsula

Day 14: Mackinaw City to Straits State Park
Day 15: Straits State Park to Brevoort Lake
Day 16: Breevort Lake to Gamble
Day 17: Gamble to Pine
Day 18: Pine to Naomikong Creek Shelter
Day 19: Day of Nothing
Day 20: Naomikong Creek Shelter to Lower Tahquamenon Falls
Day 21: Lower Tahquamenon Falls to Paradise
Day 22: Paradise to Lake Superior near Two Hearted River
Day 23: Lake Superior near Two Hearted River to Muscullunge State Park
Day 24: Muscullunge State Park to Grand Marais
Day 25: Grand Marais to Something-Mile Beach
Day 26: Something-Mile Beach to Pictured Rocks hideaway
Day 27: Pictured Rocks hideaway to Big Buck Creek
Day 29: Lakenenland
Day 30: Lakenenland to Marquette
Day 32: Marquette to Lost
Day 33: Lost to Red Road
Day 34: Red Road to McCormick Wilderness
Day 35: McCormick Wilderness to Herman Road
Day 36: Herman Road to South Entry Road
Day 38: Houghton to Calumet
Day 39: Calumet to Eagle River
Day 40: Eagle River to Copper Harbor

Isle Royale

Day 41: Copper Harbor to Lane Cove
Day 42: Lane Cove to Todd Harbor
Day 43: Todd Harbor to Moskey
Day 44:Moskey to End of the road
Day 45: End of the Road

The End

From Leelenaw to Keweenaw
Closing Thoughts

To see more of what you just read, view photos from along the trail here.

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