just the tip- part 1


Before there were humans, the earth was a massive vacant stage filled with pleasures and tragedies and experiences that went unfulfilled with no actors to carry them out. The gods of the outer atmosphere yearned for a way to fill the void, but they were formless and could not do it themselves. And so they created humans in order to experience the world vicariously through them.

A god gave of its essence to its human creation, an expenditure of energy that took eons to accumulate. So for each person, there was a god and for each god, a person. Every person was loyal to his or her god and, in return, the gods tried to make their people happy.

IMG_3634One of the things that made people happy was having sex, so it was not long before they made little humans that needed playing with and caring for and watching over. This created a dilemma, for now there were more humans than gods. And though the gods had created the first humans, the newer humans were only theirs indirectly, so it was not clear to whom each new child belonged. The parents argued and bargained and fretted over whose god the child belonged to, the gods pouted and fought and wooed the child until, ultimately one of the gods won.

In this way, the one-person-per-god order was utterly disrupted and free-market divinity took hold.IMG_3643At first, all the gods’ acquisitions were infants, but sometimes people changed their minds and the child converted to his other parent’s god. Sometimes a father would forgo his god in order to share the god of his children and their mother. Sometimes a woman would give up her god before even having children because she didn’t care much for her god anyway.

The gods were eager for more followers, so they devised plans to recruit one another’s people. They belittled one another, they pitted families against themselves, they played the futures market by appropriating infants before they were even born.

Overall, it would appear to be rather ungodly behavior, but, beyond greed and competition, there is another reason why even the most pleasant of gods was compelled to fight for more humans– they were fearful of losing their connection to earth.

The god is superior to humans in every respect but the god depends on its followers to connect to the earthly domain. You see, when a god loses its last follower, it is as though that person releases the string of a helium balloon. Unanchored, the god retreats from the atmosphere on to the swirling outer reaches of the great beyond. It is not dead, but it is very gone. The god returns to dormant state, unable to act out its lessons and experiments and experiences through its mortal subjects.

Even the god of a loyal follower must seek more, lest his human die. Even the god of many loyal followers must seek more, lest a more popular god challenge his standing. In this way, the strange result came that: the more people there are on this earth, the fewer gods among us.


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